Express Newark-RFP

Rutgers Marketing Communications Services | Request for Proposal #104795414
Work Sample: Web Design & Development


Express newark

Express Newark (EN), located in the historic Hahne & Company building in Newark NJ, is dedicated to a collaboration between community partners and Rutgers University-Newark in which community and university communicate on equal footing in what has been called a "Third Space." Level Group was asked to create a provisional website for Express Newark for its Grand Opening. Level is currently working on designing and developing the full Express Newark website, to be launched in Fall 2018.

Express Newark's brand identity was designed and developed by the Design Consortium (a Resident Partner at Express Newark), a student/faculty design collaborative of Professors Jennifer Bernstein, Ned Drew, Chantal Fischzang, and over twenty students over a three-year period.

While the Express Newark website is being created, we developed a provisional landing page that briefly introduces this ground-breaking organization, and attempts to indicate the richness of its partnerships and activities. 

The brand concept of expressing the idea of a "Third Space" through the overlapping of two colors to create a third new color is further reinforced through the manner in which color and image layers interact with one another as a user scrolls down the page.

Launch Website —

Services — strategy, concept, design, front-end development, digital imaging
 (full website in-progress) is an aggregate of work of/by thirteen resident Partners consisting of over 80 contributing members. Each partnership has the ability to post exhibitions, events, stories, and videos/video series that populate not only their partnership's page, but also populate landing pages for all exhibitions, events, and stories. Hence, the web presence emulates the real-time activities and happenings of the entire Express Newark community and ecosystem.

To visually incorporate the idea of a "Third Space" the dynamic logomark was deployed as a means of user wayfinding — Exhibitions-related posts are colored in the pink/purple/blue palette; Events-related posts are colored in the pink/red/yellow palette; Stories-related posts are colored in the yellow/green/blue palette; and the greyscale palette is utilized across non-post-related (or universal) content.

Services — strategy, concept, design, front-end development, digital imaging