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Express Newark (EN), located in the historic Hahne & Company building in Newark, NJ, is dedicated to a collaboration between community partners and Rutgers University-Newark in which community and university communicate on equal footing in what has been called a "Third Space." Level Group was asked to design and develop a website for Express Newark — one that could aggregate the work of it’s partners and contributors in one place, and invite further collaboration and participation with the Newark and university communities.

Express Newark's branding was designed and developed by the Design Consortium (a Resident Partner at Express Newark), a student/faculty design collaborative lead by Professors Jennifer Bernstein, Ned Drew, Chantal Fischzang, and over twenty students over a three-year period.

Level lives and breathes collaboration and they evidence this in the careful and caring way they perform their work. We asked them to design our website and came to them with a well-developed style guide and logomark, and a very complex and nuanced need to communicate with and captivate an audience that ranges from the academic to the everyday person, from the sophisticated artist to the weekend dabbler, from every age, gender, ethnicity, religion and perspective. What we have seen throughout the process has inspired, surprised and touched us! Level understood our complex program: they listened with respect, they considered our concerns and they guided our deliberations always with a laser focus on achieving the optimal result. We cannot wait to debut the site. It is visually stunning, beautifully, skillfully designed, inventive and functional. It is a unique articulation and representation of Express Newark and the ideal of a ‘third space.

— Anne Schaper Englot

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strategy, design, front-end development

For the last two years we have been working closely with Express Newark leadership and community partners to create an appropriate platform that represents the organizations’ powerful mission. is a mirror of the Express Newark community: eleven partnerships and over eighty contributors spanning diverse disciplines, who collaborate and engage in public work and creative practice.

The Express Newark website is the collective work of its many community and university partnerships and collaborations. The website affords each partnership a home to express themselves through digital media, advertise exhibits and events, and publish posts containing stories, video, news, press, opportunities, and more.

The brand concept of expressing the idea of a "third space" through the overlapping of two colors to create a third new color is extended through the color-coding of is extended through the color-coding of the different types of posts on the website: magenta+cyan=violet for exhibits, yellow+magenta=red for events, cyan+yellow=green for stories, and grey for contributors and partnerships.

Within each category of exhibits, events, and stories all posts are united by one color palette. However, as posts are unified into one “feed” on the Express Newark home page, or each partnerships’ page, the website emulates the real-time happenings of the entire Express Newark community and ecosystem – a “third space.”


Express Newark partnerships can add an exhibit post that will publish to the exhibit archive page (an aggregate for all partners’ exhibits), the home page, and also to their own partner page. Exhibit posts present general exhibit information (the who, what, where, when), as well as imagery and other media or content including galleries, block quotes, downloadable press kits, and so on.

Similar to an exhibit, partnerships can add an event post that will publish to the event archive page (an aggregate for all partners’ events), the home page, and also to the respective partnership page. Event posts present general event information (the who, what, where, when), as well as imagery and other media or content such as rsvp and where to purchase tickets when appropriate.

Additionally, partners may add story posts that publish to a number of places on the site, including the stories and video stories archive pages, the related partnership page, and the home page. Specific types of stories publish to additional pages on the site — press stories publish to the Press & Media Kit page, and Opportunities publish to an Opportunities page.


Each of the Express Newark partnerships has its own page on the website that introduces who they are, what they do, and aggregates exhibit, event, and story posts created by the contributors who are part of that partnership. If the partnership also has its own external website, that link is also included to enable users to learn more.

Contributors for each partnership “feed” into respective partnership pages in a contributor section, while also feeding into a contributor archive page which aggregates all Express Newark contributors including alumni, resident and non-resident partnership contributors, and the Express Newark leadership and staff.

Each contributor has their own page as well, which includes their name, title(s), a bio, and website — with the option to add additional media such as an gallery and video gallery, downloadable documents, and personal quote.


express newark temp site

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strategy, design, front-end development 

We developed a Temporary Website for Express Newark that briefly introduces this ground-breaking organization, and attempts to indicate the richness of its partnerships and activities. 

The brand concept of expressing the idea of a "Third Space" through the overlapping of two colors to create a third new color is further reinforced through the manner in which color and image layers interact with one another as a user scrolls down the page.


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