Allegiant is a commercial real estate investment management company and debt investor. They came to us with a blank slate. We were asked to develop the brand strategy and positioning, name, design and develop the brand identity and website, as well as all of their print collateral. Our approach to the project stemmed from discussions with company leadership who expressed the desire to instill within their clients the belief that the firm is always diligent, responsible and reliable — Allegiant.

Allegiant is a commercial real estate investment management company that originates, acquires and manages first mortgage loans, mezzanine loans, B-notes, preferred equity and CMBS securities. 




Allegiant identity

brand positioning strategy, naming, concept, design

The Allegiant logo won a Gold Award in the 2018 Graphis Design Annual.

The logomark expresses both strength and transparency. With it’s optical illusion, the mark suggests the company’s ability to pivot in the face of dangers and opportunities in the investment landscape.

The dimensionality allows the logomark to become structural/architectural, and the glassy color palette compliments that structural quality.

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strategy, content, information architecture, concept, design, front-end development

The Allegiant website is a marketing tool, showcasing the companies broad-spectrum services, expert team members and leadership roles, and an inventory of completed transactions — known in the industry as tombstones.

Additionally, the site outlines Allegiant’s financial products and services, and serves as an investor portal for their clients.




concept, design, print management

Since their launch, stationery suites, email signatures and employee v-cards, were created and used in all company communications.

In addition, email marketing campaigns as well as several print advertisements have been developed and created, boasting Allegiant’s track record and performance over the past several years.