deutsche bank

Deutsche Bank possesses the largest corporate art collection in the world. Art work is not collected for investment purposes, but as part of their corporate beliefs. In addition to their goal of supporting young and emerging artists, Deutsche Bank believes that art must be accessible — for the public, and for their employees. They wrote, “art inspires people, opens up new perspectives, and thus enables them to embrace unusual and innovative solutions.”

Deutsche Bank commissioned us to visually represent and articulate this philosophy — an integral concept of Deutsche Bank’s brand – a belief in their responsibility to be cultural contributors.


art of the americas

strategy, concept, design, print management

Through many discussions and visits to their corporate offices we came up with solutions that highlight the seamless integration between the public side of the collection and the private (internal) side of the collection.

To address the different sides of the Deutsche Bank art story, the catalogue includes the presentation of art work along with a quote by the artist, and works from their collection that hang in their corporate offices around the world.