“Immigration Battle: Reasons To Believe” is the fourteenth film about immigration by filmmakers Robertson and Camerini. The feature film takes viewers behind closed doors in Washington’s corridors of power to explore the political realities surrounding one of the country’s most pressing and divisive issues.

Over the past 15 years we’ve asked Level to tackle a huge range of design challenges, from film titles to posters, press kit’s and what turned out to be possibly the most beautiful pitch book ever pro ducted for an independent documentary. In every case, they have amazed us with their ability to synthesize ideas and come up with a design solution that communicates serious complexity in what appears to be just a simple, beautiful form.

— Shari Robertson + Michael
Directors / Producers


title sequence

concept, design, animation

Following their twelve-part film series How Democracy Works Now, Frontline asked the filmmakers to create what is ostensibly the thirteenth film in the series. 

Our concept for the Opening Title Sequence for Immigration Battle was to represent the plight of this controversial issue in the U.S. through the actual physical deterioration of the title over time. 


On-screen graphics

concept, design, animation

An important part of the film's story is the timeframe within which the Senate is able to meet and enact law. To emphasize this, we created an animated Timeline that visualizes the waning of the window of opportunity before the legislative session runs out.


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