Workshop in Taiwan

Workshop in Taiwan for the MOE Scholarship Program

Principal Jennifer Bernstein was invited to teach a three day intensive workshop as part of the Taiwan Ministry of Education (MOE) Scholarship Program, Overseas Study in Art and Design. Held at the National Yunlin Unversity in Douliou, the best graphic design students from around Taiwan come to the University to study with visiting professors from the U.S. over a twelve day period. At the end of each workshop, student work is graded in order to compete for a year-long scholarship to support graduate study in the United States. Jennifer's workshop, called "Place As Narrative," focused on exploring visual narratives in print media. She worked with twenty-three very talented and hard-working students, and were given the guidelines for the workshop in advance, so they were able to gather raw materials, and bring ideas for their narrative project. 

Excerpt from Project Guidelines:
+ Students will identify/construct a “story”centered around an actual “place” or location that is culturally or personally meaningful to them.

+ Define the overall communication objectives: what is the “story” of your place? (We will do a narrative mapping exercise to assist in this process).

+ Create / collect raw materials, i.e.: notes, imagery, photographs, text, key words, drawings, textures, found objects, maps, etc.

(A special thank you to Jeff Bellantoni for recommending Jennifer to teach this workshop!)

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