Speaking at the University of Illinois


Talk at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

In April, Principal Jennifer Bernstein was invited to be the 2016 Graphic Design MFA Critic, and give a talk at the School of Art + Design at the University of Illinois. Faculty Rachele Riley and Eric Benson, Chair of Graphic Design, extended Jennifer a very warm welcome. As Critic, Jennifer participated in a panel of faculty providing feedback for the graduate students' end-of-year work/research during a formal presentation. 

Rachele Riley cited Jennifer's experience working with students at both the undergraduate and graduate level, as well as her experience as a multimedia studio Principal, as reasons for why her input would be meaningful.

Rachele and Jennifer both taught at the University of the Arts, undergraduate Graphic Design program in Philadelphia, so this was also a reunion for the former faculty colleagues! Rachele also  invited Jennifer to visit a local print shop where she was taking her students to silkscreen their own design projects. The shop prints t-shirts commercially, so it was outfitted with multiple t-shirt printing stations that held multiple screens and had the ability to rotate to expedite the printing process.

Local artists t-shirts were also on sale in the shop, so Jennifer was able to collect some keepsakes from her trip to Illinois, and the great experience spending time with Rachele and her students. 

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