pov / point of view

P.O.V. (a cinema term for “point of view”) is a film series founded in 1988 presenting the best of independent documentary film on PBS. We were asked to develop the season’s print campaign to reflect P.O.V.’s message, and serve as a marketing piece for all PBS subscribers. For four consecutive years we developed materials to reflect P.O.V.’s core ideas, while expressing the “theme” of each season and its films.

Level is uniquely able to take a complicated and often conflicting set of ideas, images and concepts and somehow distill them into a unified and elegant set of materials. In doing so they raised the profile and brought a fresh image to P.O.V.

— Simon Kilmurry
Chief Operating Officer, P.O.V. / American Documentary


season campaign

concept, design, print management

The theme for P.O.V's 15th anniversary season was "Shared History." Films explored this idea from many different points of view, and the branding we created reflected that. The materials include the Season Viewer's Guide/ Poster mailed to all P.O.V. subscribers, Call for Entries for future seasons, and Folder.

Because this was a special celebratory year, we designed the Folder's interior to include all of the films shown on P.O.V. over the last fifteen years, with a legend that showed which films won major awards such as Academy Awards,  Emmys etc.



stationery system

concept, design, print management