Red Hook Post


Red Hook Post

Red Hook Post (RHP), is a new post facility by long time industry professional Tom Efinger. RHP offer a full array of post services in both audio and video, with expert operators, and streamlined workflows. We were asked to develop an identity for this new venture that not only represents the clients and projects that Red Hook Post undertakes, but also suited the trailblazing and creative nature of the community where it is located.

With the creative community in NYC largely based in Brooklyn and Red Hook quickly becoming a hub for the creative arts, the move for Tom and his team was significant as if provides them with a creative and spacious atmosphere that provides a great environment for the work they do.





brand positioning strategy, naming, concept, design


We developed an identity that acknowledges Red Hook’s industrial past, as well as firmly establishing Red Hook Post as being part of a unique section of Brooklyn. We further developed this aspect of the brand’s story by

integrating a map of the area into other brand elements,such as the back of the T-Shirt, and a wall-sized version that plays a prominent role in the space itself.

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strategy, content, information architecture, concept, design, front-end development



concept, design, print management



concept, design, print management



concept, design, print management

The custom designed map is an environmental design element within the space itself.

3D-printed signage and a bold vinyl door supergraphic. 


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