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As part of the Brennan Real Estate corporate family, Rise coordinates the marketing, disposition, and conveyance for developers of new residential properties.

Realizing the potential for new development marketing in New York City, we collaborated with Brennan to create several marketing products and tools for the Rise team to bring new real estate to market. This included property branding, print collateral templates, and a customizable, mobile-friendly property minisite template to create unique online destinations for individual residences and entire buildings alike. On this page we show some of the resulting work created using those products and tools we developed. 

I have engaged Level on a number of occasions. Each and every time they have exceeded my expectations.  I have enjoyed being a participant in their process from initial in-depth due diligence through the delivery of their well thought-out solutions.  In every instance they have captured the essence of a particular product or service I desired to offer and packaged it in highly polished and professional looking collateral.  I share this collateral with pride and  strongly believe it enforces the superior quality of my brand.  

— Donald Brennan
Principal, President


341 sackett Identity

strategy, concept, design

The identity for 341 Sackett was informed by the building's architecture — the logotype reflects the building number, while the overlapping wave pattern in custom metal railing inspired the ligatures of the numbers. 

341 Sackett's logo was rolled out in signage, websites, brochures, and social media avenues — creating one unified brand for the three residences , and effectively branding 341 Sackett, llc.

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strategy, content, information architecture, concept, design, front-end development

Using the Brennan Rise property minisite template, we built and launched a fully functional property website for the residences at 341 Sackett, prior to development completion. This gave the properties a head start in the marketplace — allowing the Rise team to begin marketing the properties early, and allowing realtors to direct potential buyers to an online destination and not just a standard boilerplate listing. 

Conveyed as a multi-unit residence, showcases each residence through vivid full-screen photography /renderings. As well as offering visitors virtual walkthroughs, customized neighborhood maps,  unit details, listing information, residence availabilities, pricing, and social media sharing and outreach.


341 Sackett collateral

strategy, content, design, photography, illustration, print management

We designed and developed a brochure template used to craft the suite of brochures for the residences at 341 Sackett. The flexibility of the template made it possible to accommodate each properties individual needs, and even made it possible to develop print materials while the properties were still being developed/under construction.

These templates gave Rise another tool to emphasize the importance of early stage, comprehensive marketing strategies.


2 strong place identity

strategy, concept, design

2 Strong place is one of three new residences developed by Brennan. The identity we crafted for 2 Strong Place was informed by the building's "strong," yet subtle beauty and modernity — the logotype employs classical typographic elements in a bold and modern way. 

Also, in stacking typographic elements, we created the opportunity for this identity to expand coverage to numbers 4 and 6 Strong Place — Brennan's other two residences within "The Townhomes at Strong Place".

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strategy, content, information architecture, concept, design, front-end development

Using the Brennan Rise property minisite template, we built and launched a fully functional property website for Two Strong Place — one of three newly developed townhomes by Brennan Development, in a collection known as "The Townhomes at Strong Place.

We were approached by Brennan to showcase the website theme capabilities in a single-residence scenorio. The Brennan Rise team would leverage this site, and others as examples of their digital marketing services.


2 strong place collateral

The Brennan team also expressed the need for a property brochure template to be used exclusively for Brennan properties, and exclusive sales and rentals listed via Marketing & Sales. 

The brochure for two strong place is designed from a template we developed that could be used for all marketable Brennan Properties, and listed properties from their Marketing & Sales website. 


24 remsen identity

strategy, concept, design

The identity for 24 Remsen Street needed to reflect the ornate and classical aesthetic of the property's delicate and historical architecture and interior design.

The ornamentation in the building's facade became the inspiration behind the logomark, and the historical aspect of the building's geneology informed typography.

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strategy, content, information architecture, concept, design, front-end development

Built using the RISE development marketing template, showcases the rehabbed property in all of it's glory. Completed as a multi-unit residence, the site features and emphasizes the classical architecture and history of the building, in addition to the beautiful residence interiors, and employs customized neighborhood maps.

At the time of build, Brennan RISE had already marketed and sold all units, so this particular site served as a marketing tool specifically for the Brennan RISE customer, to showcase Brennan RISE's capabilities.


parras bldg identity

strategy, concept, design

The Parras Building identity needed to reference the architecture and general aesthetic of the property and interior design.

The building’s symmetric wings informed the shape of the mark, while the classical and ornamental details of the exterior, and modern amenities of the interior informed the typographic juxtaposition of old and new.

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strategy, content, information architecture, concept, design, front-end development

Another website built using the RISE marketing template, showcases the property, residences, and neighborhood, and allows visitors to check availability, pricing, and obtain contact information.

A prewar 44-unit building located in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park, the family-owned, professionally managed Parras Building boasts affordable, modern, “blank slate” apartments — featured on the site with beautiful imagery alongside vibrant and inclusive neighborhood details.