c6 real estate partners

C6 Real Estate is a commercial real estate owner/operator and investment manager. Their team has over 35 years of transaction history in excess of $2.5 billion, with specialized skill sets combining capital restructuring expertise with extensive operational experience. C6 first approached us to develop a new web presence, but our relationship quickly progressed to include a complete rebranding, including visual identity, website, stationery system, and assorted online and printed marketing materials.

The Level team took the time to thoroughly understand each aspect of our complicated business lines. It was their genuine desire to dig deep into the foundation of our firm that led to a series of successful projects including our newly branded website, logo, corporate materials, templates and newly improved design standards. Level outperformed in every category, delivering a crisp and clean high quality product. We look forward to a long-term working relationship with the Level team!

- Brian Di Salvo
Co-Founder / C6 Real Estate




brand positioning strategy, concept, design

The C6 Branding was recognized with a Graphis Design Annual 2020 Honorable Mention.

C6’s new identity needed to reflect their growth as a company without disassociating themselves from their reliable client base.

We kept their need for familiarity in mind when creating the new mark, retaining a hexagonal shape, with elements that represent the company’s growth and depth of knowledge.



visit site: c6rep.com
strategy, content, information architecture, concept, design, front-end development

The C6 Website was recognized won an American Web Design Award from GDUSA in 2019.

The C6 website markets their broad-spectrum and highly dynamic services, unique approach, and expert team —bolstered by thorough case studies that demonstrate these qualities.

The site employs custom mapping and motion design, as well as information graphics for added clarity and visual sophistication.




concept, design, print management

Business cards, letterhead, and a detailed marketing brochure with an integrated folder were created to expand on the new visual identity and website designs. A series of letterhead templates were created to use as confidential deal sheets that could accompany the C6 brochure, and be customized for each client.

A digital version of the brochure was also created for C6’s digital marketing and online communications.