Belly drummer, photographer, and surfer Chris Gorman is now adding author to his resumé with the publication of his first children’s book “Indi Surfs.” The book is based on his experience teaching his daughter how to surf on the beaches of Long Beach where he lived, and inspired by surfer graphics and beach culture.

As a creative control freak, I found my self in the distressing position of an impossible deadline for a website launch. The site was for my first children's book so it was an intensely personal endeavor. I knew that the only possible way to complete the project properly was to get out of the way and to put my trust in the creativity and ingenuity of Level Design. The result was infinitely beyond my expectations.

— Christopher Gorman

strategy, information architecture, design, front-end development

The Indi Surfs Website won awards from the 45th Creativity International Media & Interactive Design Awards, and 2015 American Graphic Design Awards, and was published in Samara, Timothy, "Making And Breaking The Grid," Second Edition, 2017, Rockport Publishers, and imprint of The Quarto Group.

Author Chris Gorman was receptive to our approach, and open to how we built upon his imagery to create subtle parallax and image layering to craft a more dynamic experience. The site was designed and developed to be responsive, so the experience on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices is slightly different, and equally strong.


Since the site was launched there have been 16,000 visitors, 130,000 visits. The book has benefitted from much greater visibility, and was featured in The New York Times, and on the Rachel Ray show. The Indi Surfs website was recognized by the 45th Creativity International Media & Interactive Awards, winning a Silver Award.