MetLife is one of the leading providers of insurance and financial services to millions of individuals and organizations throughout the United States. Building on an 150-year history of excellence — Metlife is committed to giving people, families, and communities the tools they need, and freedom from financial worry.

Their committment to ensuring long term-value, strong returns, and a future where they continue helping people, families, and communities expand their opportunities, informed our work in determining the aesthetic and innovative approach to MetLife's presentation styles and formats.


finalist presentation

concept, design, animation, front-end development

An interactive that visualizes MetLife's superior technology processes. The finalist presentation was designed to show how MetLife differs from their competitors in how they deal with the interaction and enrollment process for large clients. 


The presentation was used in tandem with an in person team when MetLife had been chosen as a finalist for supplying insurance services to a prospective client. 


broker presentation

concept, design, animation, front-end development

MetLife wanted an interactive tool for agents in the field. We were asked to design and develop an interactive presentation that brokers could customize. The piece gives a brief history of MetLife and then describes how MetLife can help the individual viewing the presentation. 


The customizability made it possible for brokers to create a personal connection with clients.