minus space

Minus Space is a leading, internationally renowned commercial gallery in Brooklyn, New York that represents extraordinary works of abstract art by established and respected artists. The gallery curates, presents and sells exceptional reductive abstract art in an honest, accessible, and welcoming environment. Minus Space approached level to design and develop a new identity, stationery suite, and environmental graphics (to start) aimed at elevating and commercializing the brand.

Minus Space promises curatorial excellence and fifteen years of deep expertise in reductive abstract art on an international level.




brand positioning strategy, concept, design

The Minus Space identity received a Graphis Design Annual 2020 Gold Award.

The process of designing the Minus Space Logo became an exercise in reduction itself. By employing artistic processes the gallery represents, we were able to generate a simple but highly effective reductive solution: rotate the “I” to become a “—” and voila, we have a logo.

To bolster the uniquity and expertise that sets Minus Space apart from other galleries, a pattern was generated to be used in conjunction with the mark, but only the actual mark has the minus sign. This branding pattern was then adapted for use across media.




concept, design, print management

The stationery takes a unique information-heavy approach — offering tons of helpful contact info, directions, and links — and serves as a gallery card for both directors, rather than separating into two cards.

The logo pattern was incorporated into the front face of the business card and both sides of the letterhead.




concept, design, print management, installation management

The environmental graphics for the Minus Space gallery include business information on all entrance doors, window exhibit artist information, exterior window wayfinding graphics, entryway supergraphics, and interior exhibition information.

The entryway supergraphics and exterior wayfinding graphics are an extension of the Minus Space logo pattern usage in printed materials and collateral. Printed on transparent vinyl, the letterforms provide branded distraction marks while being unobstructive to views into the gallery or windows — the only opaque portion of the pattern is the Minus Space logo itself and the business information.