Driven by a strong international demand, the owners of the successful Playtime trade shows (Paris, Tokyo, and New York), developed Playologie – a virtual trade show and B2B online tool. Playologie not only brings the trade shows to the digital sphere, but is a venue for buyers and sellers to collaborate and do business together instantaneously through a web portal and application.

Working with Level Design has helped us bring our marketing campaign to another level! Every single idea we had, however vague, was translated into a clear and efficient story board that suited us perfectly. There was never a dead end and their team came up with a solution for every problem.

— Sebastien de Hutten
Owner, Principal



concept, design, animation
(Narration and score by Sebastien de Hutten)

In preparation for the launch of Playologie, Level Design Group was asked to create a video showcasing the history of the Playtime brand, and demonstrating features of the new Playologie platform.

We developed a story treatment for the video, corresponding script, storyboards, and then the motion graphics. The video was designed to reflect the tone and experience of the trade shows themselves, to work either on its own, as well as as an introduction to the company on the Playologie website. 

Colorful imagery of products from the trade show is interwoven with glimpses of the Playologie platform, both on Desktop and Tablet, animated to describe user interaction and aspects of functionality. Once the sequence has progressed it’s revealed that the visual elements used (diagonal lines) are actually pieces of the Playologie logo.


Playologie marketing Video

concept, design, animation