RaceYa is an emerging company dedicated to developing fun and creative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) educational toys. We were asked to craft a brand identity to represent the company and their customizable build-your-own toys, beginning with their first product: a radio-controlled car.

I loved working with Level. Not only did they take the time to really understand my company, but their process actually gave me clarity about how best to communicate as a brand. It helps that their design work is great too! 

— Abigail Edgecliffe-Johnson 
Founder, RaceYa



brand positioning strategy, concept, design

The RaceYa Branding won a Gold Award in the 2018 Graphis Branding 7 Competition.

The RaceYa logo and animation won a Platinum Award from the 2017 Graphis Logo 9 competition, a Silver Award from the 2017 Graphis Design annual for the Logo Animation, and an American Graphic Design Award. 

The RaceYa identity aims to replace stereotypes with skills, specifically making the involvement and inclusion of girls in STEM activities a high priority. The gender-neutral nature of the company’s mission, and their products, had to be represented in the visual identity — appealing to both girls and boys equally.

We developed a clean, playful mark that communicates to a target audience of 8-12 year old’s who are curious about STEM, as well as their tech-savvy and design-conscious parents.

Simple lines, rounded letterforms, classic iconography and a lively, diverse color palette were used to establish an aesthetic for the brand personality. There was also a need for an abbreviated mark, for applications on small parts. The key as a mark itself is iconic —a modern take on the endearing past-time of play. 



concept, motion design, animation





concept, design, print management